Kinder Institute Gives Meaning to Financial Planning

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Life planning and financial planning go hand in hand, since one relies on the other to be fully realized and to maximize our life’s journey.

A sound financial future guarantees a more fulfilling life with more potential for great joy, happiness, opportunity, and peace of mind.

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There are some individuals dedicated to making these financial concepts a reality, and not just a lifelong dream that never really comes to pass. George Kinder is one of those people.

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As head of the Kinder Institute Institute of Life Planning based in Littleton, Massachusettes, Kinder asks clients pointed questions designed to hone their desires and instincts into core values. These values then become the basis for formulating a strategy that suits not only their financial goals for the future, but helps them design a lifestyle that satisfies their soul.

This is the true meaning behind financial planning – it’s why we make sacrifices today to build a satisfying existence in years to come.

For a glimpse of the George Kinder perspective on financial life planning, watch this video that explains a different perspective on reviewing your financial future:

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