Planning Dream Weddings on a Tight Budget

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David Brinkley quoteEvery girl dreams of what her wedding day will be like and even guys have some image of what that special day will bring.

Unfortunately, financial concerns often get in the way of enjoying the kinds of weddings we’d like to have.

Even if you

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have limited finances, however, you can still plan a dream wedding on a tight budget.

It’s no secret that weddings can become expensive ventures that create long-term financial burdens. Use a little creativity and innovation, however, and you can easily plan a dream wedding without the five-figure price tag that’s stuck in your mind as the end result.

If you’re able to plan a dream wedding on a budget, your event will still be a fun and exciting occasion that you’ll remember for years to come. Here are some great tips for planning a dream wedding on a tight budget:

1. Limit the number of guests

Sure, it would be great to invite all your friends and family members around the world to your wedding. Be sensible, though.

For a meaningful and affordable ceremony, you may want to limit your invitations to those people closest to you.

  • Don’t fret about this. In tough financial times, people will understand your rationale and will still wish the best for you.
  • Make the most of the smaller group you can invite and treat them to a memorable celebration.

2. Choose an affordable location

This is one area where lots of newlyweds and their families spend lots of money securing the perfect location for their wedding and reception.

Remember, the event is special in itself, and a less expensive location will still produce a wonderful experience. The simplicity of less elaborate ceremonies can often become perfection by design.

  • Does one of your mutual friends have a fabulous backyard you can utilize?
  • Can you get married in an area of your local City Hall complex?
  • Is there an attractive park nearby that would serve as a wonderful location for your wedding?

3. Create your own invitations

One of the easiest ways to save money on your big dream wedding is to create invitations yourself. Lots of websites carry the materials, accessories, and instruction to make your own personalized wedding invitations.

  • This eliminates a significant expense in hiring a graphic designer and printer to make wedding invitations for you.
  • Show off your talent for creativity by making beautiful invitations your guests will appreciate as a keepsake or memento.

4. Rent clothing instead of purchasing

This may be a point of contention for most women, since they’ll likely want to treasure the event by buying and keeping their own wedding dress. However, if that dress is going to end up in moth balls or tucked away in storage a few days later, it may be worth it to consider renting a quality wedding dress that suits your needs better right now.

  • This also applies to bridesmaids’ dresses, tuxedos, and other clothing and accessories you might consider for a more elaborate wedding. The money you save could contribute to a better start for the new couple now.

5. Invite family and friends to participate

Your friends and family members may have talents that could be very useful in saving you money and allowing them to participate in your wedding.

  • You might have a cousin who just completed a culinary degree that could provide the catering for less.

  • Perhaps a best friend works at a flower shop close by, and can provide decorations for your wedding party and the event itself.
  • Still in touch with the guys in the college band you were in together? They could be the perfect solution for entertaining your guests at the reception.

Dreaming of your big wedding shouldn’t be dominated by dreams of dollar signs, too many of them at that.

You can have the wedding you’ve always wanted at a price that won’t leave you with empty pockets when it’s over. Use your imagination and realize the opportunities and options available to you to enjoy your dream wedding on a tight budget!

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